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$23.99 CAD each
CODE: 80-05514 Piatnik

With access to the finest art museums in Europe, puzzles of art masterpieces were an obvious and popular choice for the current Piatnik Jigsaw Puzzles collection. Furthermore, the images are always hand selected to bring about feelings of whimsy, and encourage curiosity, build from colorful and challenging patterns, and create a spark to peak the interest of anyone and everyone. If you are searching for a unique and creative puzzle image, Piatnik is your obvious selection.
Long known for their high quality playing cards, Piatnik extends their product line to creative jigsaw puzzles of all types. You can find a puzzle for everyone in your family in a wide range of themes: cartoons, fine art, hobbies, landscapes and many more.
1000pc puzzle
68 x 48 cm