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$129.99 CAD each
CODE: 80-64024 Piatnik

Welcome to the world of Bioblo.
“Simplicity is the ultimate form of perfection.” (Leonardo Da Vinci)
Who says building blocks have to look like standard wooden bricks? Exactly. Bioblos are colourful and have a unique honeycomb design that opens up plenty of new possibi¬lities: You can use them to blow bubbles, form shapes, play, and make up images ... and if you arrange them around a lamp you obtain amazing colour and light effects! Whether at home alone, or with friends, in the nursery or school – with Bioblo you can construct something new every day!
In contrast to traditional wooden blocks, Bioblos are made from a special organic compound (60% wood, 40% bioplastics) that allows for increased flexibility in design. The resulting block features a unique honeycomb design and comfortable feel. Most importantly, they have a great advantage over plastic: Bioblos are made from 100% renewable resources!
204 pcx