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$14.99 CAD each
CODE: 44788 Autruche

If you love challenging and fun word games, then Ditto It! is the game for you! Just change the ditto It! phrases, sayings, movie titles, TV titiles, and book titles into everyday phrases, sayings, movie titles, TV titles, and book titles!
The phrase, "rodent relay", is really "rat race". The saying "An observed pan in-no-way simmers", is "A watchd pot never boils". The movie title "Locomotive-Pile-Up" is, you guessed it "Trainwreck".
Ditto It! lets you control how long you play... just count out the cards! The bigger the card stack... the longer the game! AND...if you don't know the orrect answer the first time around, just wait, you may get another chache!
Ages: 12+
Playtime: 15 min. +
#Players/Teams: 2+